About Summer Hill RV Park

Summer Hill RV Park owners, David and Molly Talevi

New Summer Hill RV Park owners,
David B. and Molly Talevi

Greetings from Summer Hill RV Park!  We are David B. and Molly Talevi of Wells, Maine.  As new owners of Summer Hill RV Park, we are excited to start our first season in May of 2017. We are also the current owners of Sea-Vu South Campground, located on Chapel Road in Wells, which is also a seasonal campground. We hope that our previous experience will make us more sensitive to the unique set of items that campers experience at Summer Hill RV Park.

Summer Hill RV park is a completely seasonal RV park that is open from May to October each year.  A completely seasonal park is one where no reservations are made.  The people who stay at the park stay the complete season.  Most of the people who stay at Summer Hill RV Park return year after year to visit scenic Wells, Maine during the vacation season from May until October.  Occasionally, someone may pull their trailer out of the park and the vacant spot becomes open for another seasonal camper to move in with their trailer.  Also, some of the current residents may sell their unit on-site (See Trailers For Sale By Owner) and a vacancy may become open that way.

If you are interested in finding out more about Summer Hill RV Park, please have a look at our Campground Rules and Regulations and contact us to make an inquiry.

If you have any questions about Summer Hill RV Park, we hope that you will contact us either by email at SummerHillRVPark@gmail.com or calling us at 207-646-4032.

 Download or Print out Summer Hill RV Park Rules and Regulations