RVs/Trailers For Sale By Owner

Listings on this page are provided courtesy of Summer Hill RV Park. View our RV Map (click on the image to the right) to find the location of the site where the RV or trailer is located.  If you have any questions about any of the trailers, please contact the RV or trailer owner listed under “For Sale By.”  If you own a trailer that is located on Summer Hill RV Park, and you wish to sell your RV or trailer, please contact Dave Talevi at (207) 646 4032 or Send Us An E-Mail .  Also, you should look at the section in the Campground Rules for more information about selling your RV or Trailer.

Please contact the individual sellers for more pictures and info.

 Site # Trailer Year  Trailer Type/Size  Price  For Sale By Contact Phone #  Photo Status
39  2001
 $65,000 Evelyn Queiros  413-583-5185 or 413-626-2309  Lot 39 - Year: 2001 - Type: Palmaire   For Sale
42  2006
 $61,000  George Young & Debra Patrick George Young

Debra Patrick

 Lot 42 - Year: 2006 - Type: Kropf  For Sale